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Blog Posts in April, 2021

  • How Employment & Family-Based Immigration Will Change in 2021

    Family-Based Immigration Update 2021 This year’s change in administration will bring adjustments to the entire immigration system. President Biden has expressed his intention to pursue immigration policy and regulatory changes over the first 100 days of the administration. President Biden claimed that he wants to “modernize the immigration system” and focus on implementing changes to employment ...
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  • Can I Work in the U.S. Without a Social Security Number?

    Is a Social Security Number Required to Work in the US? One of the most common questions that U.S. immigrants ask is if they need a Social Security number to work. "Can I work without a Social Security number?" is a valid question and concern for anyone looking to enter the U.S. for work. To best answer such questions, it's important to understand just what a Social Security number is. Social ...
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  • Presidential Proclamation Ban on Non-Immigrant Visas Has Expired

    Presidential Proclamation 10052, which suspended entry of certain non-immigrants expired March 31, 2021. Now, many non-immigrants will be able to seek entry to the United States. The non-immigrant and previously revoked immigrant entry bans separated thousands of families, impeded the ability for businesses to hire and retain employees, and disrupted the U.S. economy. The COVID-19 global pandemic ...
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