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USCIS Launches New Online Change of Address Tool


USCIS has launched a new Enterprise Change of Address (E-COA) self-service tool to allow customers with pending applications, petitions, or requests to update their address with USCIS more easily. E-COA will significantly improve the speed and efficiency of the process for USCIS customers to update their address with USCIS.

To use the E-COA tool, individuals need a USCIS online account and must enter their last name, date of birth, and new physical and mailing addresses. Individuals are also encouraged to include information about their pending applications, petitions, or requests.

With E-COA, most individuals with a USCIS online account can update their mailing and physical address with USCIS for pending applications, petitions, or requests in a single place, eliminating the need to update the address in multiple places; fill out a paper AR-11, Alien’s Change of Address Card; call the Contact Center; or visit a USCIS Field or Asylum Office. E-COA will automate address changes for almost all form types (the exceptions are listed at

Customers who do not have any pending applications, petitions, or requests can use the tool to meet the requirement to notify USCIS if they have moved. The E-COA tool is available in English only and can be accessed via a USCIS online account regardless of whether an individual’s pending case was submitted online or by mail.

Individuals protected under 8 USC 1367 (persons who have pending or approved applications or petitioners for Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) benefits, T nonimmigrant status, or U nonimmigrant status and their beneficiaries or derivatives) cannot use E-COA during the initial phase. Represented applicants or petitioners with VAWA-, T-, or U-related cases can request a change of address by emailing the designated mailbox under the Inquiries for VAWA, T, and U Filings section. Unrepresented individuals with VAWA-, T-, or U-related cases can request a change of address by following the instructions on the How to Change Your Address webpage. Individuals who requested parole for an Afghan national can request a change of address for beneficiaries who have relocated outside of Afghanistan by following the instructions on the Information for Afghan Nationals webpage.

Changing your address with the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) will not change your address with USCIS. Please update your information with both USCIS and USPS. Address changes made through E-COA will not affect Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) or Privacy Act (PA) requests. If you need to change your address for a FOIA or PA request, please email

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