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USCIS Special Situations Extensions and Waivers

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If you have submitted a petition or application to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USICS) you may be aware that each process has strict regulations and requirements which must be followed. Under normal circumstances, missing a deadline or failing to pay a fee can have negative consequences such as the termination of an application. However, when events outside of your control hinder your ability to fulfill procedural requirements, you may be able to apply for process extensions, exemptions, or waivers. Not everyone will qualify for these measures, and typically only those subjected to unpreventable hardship from “special situations” such as a natural disaster may qualify.

Those affected by special or extreme situations may qualify for the following options:

  • Status change and extension: If you are able to show how an event such as a natural disaster has threatened your ability to maintain your immigration status, the USCIS may grant you an extension or change of status.
  • Employment authorization: Those who are within the U.S. on a student visa may apply for employment authorization if (1) a situation prevents their continued employment on campus, or (2) a disaster has blocked financial support from an affected country.
  • Replacement of documentation: Documents that were lost or destroyed due to unforeseeable circumstances may be eligible for replacement. Documents which can be replaced this way can include green cards, Form I-94, and documents relating to employment authorization.
  • Fee waivers: Certain fees for UCSIS benefits and services may be waived for those affected by extreme circumstances. This can be accomplished by filing Form I-912.
  • Accelerated processing: Depending on the circumstances, the USCIS may grant a request to expedite or accelerate your case.
  • Delay the period for responding to a request: The USCIS may postpone the responsibility for those affected by a disaster to report for an interview or submit evidence to the agency.

Knowledgeable Immigration Attorneys

Issues of immigration can be tremendously complex and the quality of your legal advocacy can play a critical role in the success of your case. Our Dallas immigration attorneys can consult with you to answer questions regarding the special situation actions available through the USCIS and can help you to understand the requirements for eligibility.

Our attorneys have proven experience helping individuals and their families to immigrate and stay within the United States and when you need legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact Akula & Associates, P.C.

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