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DOS Announces Pilot Program to Allow a Limited Number of H-1B Workers to Renew Their Visas in the U.S.


The Department of State (DOS) announced a pilot program that will allow a limited number of H-1B specialty occupation workers to renew their visas in the US as early as next month.

The pilot program aims to reduce processing times and improve customer service for H-1B workers and their employers. H-1B holders will be permitted to renew their visas by mailing them to the State Department rather than traveling outside the US and face uncertain wait times to secure an appointment at a US consular office before returning. The rollout of the H-1B domestic visa renewal pilot will initially be limited to just 20,000 participants.

The pilot will be limited to H-1B workers who are employed by the same employer, in the same position, and in the same location as their previous petition. The pilot will also require the employer to attest that there are no material changes in the terms and conditions of employment. The pilot will run for six months and may be extended or expanded based on the feedback and results.

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