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Erroneous H-1B Sevis Termination


There have been various reports that some J-1 exchange visitors and F-1 students are seeing their SEVIS Records erroneously terminated due to a Change of Status adjudication by USCIS, when, in fact, there was a “Consular Notification” decision instead.

Those affected F-1 or J-1 status holders should request that their schools’ DSOs/AROs or program officers reach out to the SEVIS Help Desk at USICE/SEVP to have this mistake corrected. The DSO/ARO or program officer can send a PDF of the approval notice showing Consular Notification to the SEVIS Help Desk along with the request to correct the error in the SEVIS Record. Guidelines for sending a PDF to SEVIS may be found here: Contact Us | SEVIS | ICE. The contact information for SEVIS is and (703) 603-3400 for the SEVP Response Center. There is also (800) 892-4829, for SEVIS technical help.

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