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2024 U.S. Diversity Visa Lottery is NOW OPEN

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What is Diversity Visa Lottery/Diversity Visa Program?

The Diversity Immigrant Visa program (also known as the green card lottery) is a government lottery program provides individuals from counties with relatively lower levels of recent immigration to the U.S. and with specific education qualifications a chance to apply for an immigration visa and a green card.

In general, the program makes 50,000 visas available annually. For the 2024 year lottery, the Department of State has announced that up to 55,000 diversity visas will be available.

When can I apply? How much is the governmental registration fee?

It is FREE! The entry submission period for the FY2024 Diversity Immigrant Visa program is:

  • From: October 5, 2022 12:00 pm (EST)
  • To: November 8, 2022 12:00 pm (EST)

Who can Apply?

  • Country of Birth:

You or your spouse must have been born in a country that sent less than 50,000 immigrants to the United States in the previous five years. Some might be eligible to claim your parents’ country of birth.

*Natives of Taiwan and Macau SAR are eligible.

*For the complete list of countries that are NOT eligible, please visit

  • Education/Work Experience:
  • Must have at least a high school high school diploma or its equivalent; or
  • 2 years of work experience in an occupation that requires at least 2 years of training or experience.

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