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How to Find the Right Sponsor Employer for a Temporary Work Visa


If you want to work in the United States and get a temporary employment visa, you will need a sponsor to apply. Most U.S. employment immigration visas require applicants to demonstrate that they have an employment opportunity lined up in the United States. The employer must be willing to go through the immigration process to hire a temporary worker. If you want to apply for an employment visa, our Dallas immigration lawyers have put together tips to help you find the right sponsor employer for your application.

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Look for Employers with Experience Hiring Foreign Workers

It is a great advantage to find a sponsor who has experience hiring foreign workers. Immigration laws are complicated and require employers to submit a wide variety of documents to hire a foreign worker. Most large corporations have departments dedicated to hiring international workers. Regardless of which employment opportunity you are looking for, it is essential to ask questions and ensure that they have the ability/experience to help you get a temporary work visa.

Identify Employers in Need

If you work in a unique industry or have a unique set of skills, you should look for employers who could benefit from your experience. You will need to demonstrate that you can bring value to the company compared to other candidates. It could be helpful to look through job postings that have been up for months or websites for companies that hire a large number of employees.


Another great tool is to use networking websites, like LinkedIn, to connect with employers or foreign workers who have obtained an employment visa. This can open opportunities to new companies or positions that aren’t typically on job listing websites.

If you are applying for a temporary work visa, contact our Dallas immigration attorneys today at (844) 299-5003 to schedule a consultation!

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