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Can I Petition More Than One Relative for a U.S. Visa?


Family-based petitions allow individuals in the United States to sponsor their closest relatives to help them obtain an immigration visa. Both U.S. citizens and legal permanent residents (LPR) can sponsor their family members to move to the United States; however, U.S. citizens can sponsor a broader range of family members.

Since families want to remain together, sponsors always ask how many family members they can help immigrate. Our Dallas immigration attorneys break it down for you below.

How Many Family Members Can I Sponsor?

While there isn’t a specific numerical limit for sponsors, U.S. citizens and legal residents can only sponsor limited cases for close family members. This means that if you want to sponsor two different close relatives, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will allow you to file two separate petitions. Since the USCIS doesn’t have a specific limit on the number of family sponsorship petitions a person can make, you should speak with an experienced attorney to review your unique case.

Which Family Members Can I Sponsor?

Legal permanent residents can only sponsor spouses and unmarried children, including adult unmarried children over the age of 21. However, U.S. citizens have more flexibility over who they can sponsor. They can sponsor both married and unmarried children, including adult children (and they can bring their own spouses and children with them). U.S. citizens can also sponsor their parents and siblings.

How Do I Know If I Will Need to File Two Different Petitions?

The best way to determine how many petitions you will need to file is by discussing your case with an experienced immigration attorney. Family-based immigration laws are complicated and will vary depending on the individual’s unique case. An experienced immigration lawyer can review your case and guide you through the process to avoid filing errors and help you obtain your desired outcome.

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