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Do I Need an Employment Immigration Attorney?

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When applying for a green card or an immigrant visa in the United States, you don’t need to obtain attorney's services. However, having an experienced attorney on your side can significantly impact the outcome of your visa application. Below we have put together some cases in which having an immigration attorney is beneficial.

You're Unable to Figure Out Your Options

As a skilled worker, you may qualify for different types of green cards or visas; however, you may not be sure about the best option. Our Dallas immigration attorneys can help skilled workers decide which type of visa suits their needs depending on their qualifications.

You're Looking for International Employees

If your business is interested in hiring international employees, you should seek guidance from an attorney. As an employer, you may spend some time reviewing the immigration laws, especially if you are looking forward to hiring foreign workers. The workers will complete the PERM (labor certification) process first. Employers should advertise the available job opportunities. The advertisement process is complex, and only specific ads are acceptable.

The PERM application process is complicated, making it hard to understand the entire process. For such reasons, you should consult with an experienced attorney for legal guidance.

You're Inadmissible

If you believe you are inadmissible for employment visas, our Dallas immigration attorneys can review your case. Some examples of inadmissibility include taking part in criminal activities, lack of employee sponsors, and more. Inadmissible immigrants should seek legal assistance before applying for a visa or a green card if any of these grounds apply to them.

Experienced Dallas Immigration Lawyers

If you want to work in the United States or an employer seeking foreign workers, our team at Akula & Associates P.C. is here to help you. We have helped clients throughout the nation obtain their desired immigration results. We have the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to help you obtain a successful outcome. Our team can review your case and help you determine the best avenue for your visa application.

Contact our Dallas immigration lawyers today at (844) 299-5003 to schedule a consultation!