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Questions to Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

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Every immigration process can be overwhelming. You might have countless questions for your immigration attorney, but how do you know if you’re asking the right ones? Having an attorney is a powerful tool during any immigration process because they can guide you and provide you with all the knowledge you need to obtain the best possible results for your case. It’s also important to ask the right questions to ensure they are the right lawyer for your case. Our Dallas immigration lawyers have put together everything you should be asking your immigration attorneys to remain informed in your case.

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What Cases Do You Specialize In?

It’s vital to ask the immigration attorney what cases they specialize in. When you seek legal representation, you want to ensure that the firm specializes in your case. For example, Akula & Associates P.C. specializes in family-based and employment-based visas. We have extensive knowledge and experience helping people obtain all types of family and employment-based visas.

How Can You Help Me?

It’s important to ask how the attorney will be able to help you with your case. You want your immigration lawyer to answer exactly what tasks they will undertake for your case and what they need from you to obtain your desired results. It’s also helpful to take notes on what they plan on doing to help you with your case.

How Long Have You Been Practicing?

Another important question to ask an immigration attorney is how long they have been practicing. Their years of practice will highlight their experience and their knowledge in the specific practice area. It might not be a good sign if an attorney has been handling personal injury cases for over 30+ years but has just started handling immigration cases. You want an attorney who has extensive knowledge in the specific area you need help with.

What Would the Best Strategy For My Case Be?

You should ask the attorney what the best strategy for your case would be. Once you have explained your specific situation and objectives, the lawyer should propose a plan of action and a timeline. This is a great time to analyze your case with your attorney and determine the pros and cons of your case.

What Are Your Fees & What Does It Cover?

You should also ask the attorney what their fees are and what exactly that covers. You should also ask them what factors may increase fees throughout the case, such as consultations or court hearings, etc. You should also ask if they have a payment plan. It’s important to get an estimate of how much the process will cost you.

How Busy Are You?

You want an attorney who isn’t too busy to dedicate the time your case needs to succeed. Ask your attorney how much time they have a week to dedicate to your case, and if they will take a collaborative approach to ensure that they are available to answer your calls or emails.

What Are My Chances of Success?

Although attorneys can’t guarantee the chances of success, an experienced attorney should be able to analyze your case and determine various possible outcomes. Understanding the chances of success will help you better understand the attorney’s unique approach and strategy.

Dallas Immigration Lawyers Serving Clients Across the Nation

If you want to speak to an attorney about your case, our team is here to answer any of your questions. For over 20+ years, our Dallas immigration lawyers have been helping people obtain their employment and family-based visas. We can analyze your case and help you create a robust strategy to get your desired outcome. Due to the current health crisis of COVID-19, we will be providing virtual consultations via phone or email.

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